China's Safety Warning Tag Strong Market Demand?

China's Safety Warning Tag Strong Market Demand?

Aug 24, 2017

China's Safety Warning Tag strong market demand?
 As the market demand more and more local demand Safety Warning Tag, such as supermarket goods, bags, clothes tag, hospitals and jewelry.
The following highlights several special medical Safety Warning Tags. These are in recent years in China gradually applied to the medical Safety Warning Tags, and has a good market prospects, we hope to inspire everyone.
    1. Blood bag Safety Warning Tag
    At present, China's demand for safety warning of blood bags increased significantly, not only from the needs of patients with newspaper printing, many enterprises in our country physical examination need to test the blood composition. Blood bag Safety Warning Tags through the quality certification center of the RoHS certification, the Chinese disease headquarters of the non-toxic test, which relates to blood quality and blood transfusion safety.
    2. Suspension of Safety Warning Tags
    Suspension of Safety Warning Tag in China has just started, but for foreign markets has long been nothing new. Through the use of special materials and processes, hanging Safety Warning Tags can carry information, but also has a good suspension effect evaluation, greatly simplifies the cumbersome suspension of the hospital process, saving time and improve efficiency.
    3. Low penetration Safety Warning Tag
    Compared with the requirements of ordinary bottle labeling, labeling of liquid pharmaceutical products on the LDPE bottle labeling will be the risk of adhesive penetration. Therefore, this requires a low permeability or even a non-permeable Safety Warning Tag. Such as Avery Dennison for customers to develop a non-permeable adhesive.
    4. Small caliber Safety Warning Tags
    In the pharmaceutical industry and health care products in the RMB, there have been many small diameter less than 15mm small diameter packaging. A large part of this reason should be attributed to the current research results of medicine, that is, the concentration of drugs is getting higher and higher, so the demand for small diameter packaging increased. Correspondingly, this led to the need for small caliber Safety Warning Tags, providing a new market area for pharmaceutical Safety Warning Tag printing companies.
    5. Low temperature Safety Warning Tag
    As the laboratory requirements for ultra-low temperature preservation of high offset printing, such as dry ice storage temperature of -80 ℃, liquid nitrogen storage temperature of -196 ℃, the use of ordinary Safety Warning Tags can not meet this requirement, you must use low temperature Safety Warning Tags, so low temperature Safety Warning Tags should be born.
    6. Fluorescent Safety Warning Tags
    Each drug must have a clear identification machine, to facilitate tracking and traceability. As a result, people typically use code Safety Warning Tag to identify. In order to minimize the leakage rate, the relevant personnel need to check each drug to ensure that the medical packaging are affixed with Safety Warning Tags. White code security warning label is relatively easy to detect, but for the transparent film code security warning label, it is necessary in the adhesive material printed on the surface of the fluorescent pattern, or for the self-adhesive material to give their own fluorescent effect, which is fluorescent security Warning label.
7. Security Safety Warning Tag
    The security of the supply chain process is still essential to ensure the authenticity and safety of pharmaceutical products.
From the current point of view, "China's printing industry annual report", counterfeit genuine pharmaceutical products is still a continuation of the problem in the global context. It is estimated that 10% to 20% of the world's pharmaceutical products are counterfeit products. In order to put an end to counterfeit pharmaceutical products, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are taking a shrinking supply chain business model, and packaging and labeling showed a strong interest, especially for security technology a soft spot, which also gave birth to Safety Warning Tag of the market demand.