Circuit Wear And Electrical Shock Accident

Circuit Wear And Electrical Shock Accident

Mar 25, 2020

Circuit wear and electrical shock accident

After the accident: in August 2007, the injection molding process of a company in Qingdao wang debugging injection mold, because the injection molding machine next to the workbench lamp power line long-term wear and leakage, power line wear and leakage contact with the workbench iron frame, wang grabbed the workbench iron frame to wipe the mold, was knocked down by electricity.

Cause of accident:

1. The main cause of this accident is the non-standard wiring of the lighting power line on the operation platform, the failure of protection of the insulation layer of the power supply, and the failure of the leakage protection device.

2. The main reason for the accident is that the equipment, security and safety officers fail to carry out the daily inspection and supervision of the injection molding machine and go through the field, fail to timely conduct Lockout tagout inspection and maintenance, and fail to effectively find and solve the problem.

Accident liability:

1. The main reason for the accident is that the equipment department fails to find and maintain the injection molding machine in time.

2. The accident caused by wang's violation of regulations is the main cause of the accident and he is mainly responsible for it.

3. The team leader, safety officer and sub-factory of the business division fail to timely check and stop the violation of rules and regulations on the scene, which is the indirect cause of the accident and shall be responsible for management.

Accident warning:

1. There are many electrical equipment in the production site of each unit, so it is necessary to install leakage protection device, use rubber sleeve cable and set up electrical lines according to the regulations. In particular, one-way wire circuit, switch, socket, lighting, exhaust fan and other electrical, if not in accordance with the specification, prone to accidents.

2. Removing the unsafe state of the product and regulating the unsafe behavior of people are important aspects of preventing accidents and the focus of safety management.