Classification Of Circuit Breaker Lockout

Classification Of Circuit Breaker Lockout

Nov 03, 2018

1. Miniature circuit breaker lock: miniature circuit breaker lock is made of high strength resin for easy locking.

2. Large-size circuit breaker lock: the large-size circuit breaker lock, made of high strength resin, shock resistant and stainless steel serrated, is more firmly locked and suitable for use on more circuit breakers. The unique design can be applied to the 380v/600v circuit breaker and the circuit breaker with the maximum width and thickness of the handle up to 41mm and 15.8mm.

3. Multi-purpose circuit breaker lock: the new circuit breaker lock is made of steel, zinc, aluminum alloy and high-strength nylon, which is strong and durable. The sliding block is designed once in place and easy to use. It can be used with padlock or steel cable lock. It is the representative of the new circuit breaker lock.

4, small circuit breaker locks: small circuit breaker locks is made from high strength resin, the unique design of the shark teeth fixed screws, stainless steel material is qualitative with provide stronger circuit breaker handle occlusion, with adjustable damper, and the locks on both sides of the scale, for a variety of circuit breaker handle the length of the switch trip submitted by effective control handle is loose, make it more secure.