Clean The Electric Connection Cabinet

Clean The Electric Connection Cabinet

Apr 02, 2019

I. accident history

In 2001, a mine suspended maintenance. According to the maintenance plan, the power supply workshop is responsible for the maintenance of the third and fourth bus sections of the underground central power station. 8, the technician of workshop of power supply, monitor Dong Mou, li mou and wang mou and wang mou jeong five workers arrived at the work site, they convey measures and sign first, then contact with the mine substation, pour the power supply in one or two on the bus, on each branch switch power, check electrical, articulated section and sign, then stop to contact the ground substation under well for three or four road power supply, to check and discharge into the line. At this time, 300# contact the two or three sections of bus connecting blade brake in the cabinet is in the state of break, technician wang hung shoe polish in front of the switch cabinet "there is electricity, this cabinet can not be repaired" warning sign, after the switch cabinet with chalk wrote down the same warning language. After finishing all the preparatory work, li took the initiative to go to the back door of the 300# contact cabinet. When cleaning the switch cabinet, his left hand accidentally touched the static contact of the contact blade, and the high-voltage current sent it to. At about 11 o 'clock, he was sent to the hospital for rescue, but he died at about 22 o 'clock that night.

Ii. Cause of the accident

The direct cause of the accident was that li took the initiative to open the electrified contact cabinet for cleaning. He lacked experience and professional knowledge and accidentally touched the electrified static contact.

The indirect causes of the accident are:

(1) the site safety management is not in place. When the workers illegally open the switch cabinet without preparing for maintenance for operation, it is not stopped in time.

(2) safety education is not effective, the staff independent security awareness is not strong, mutual protection awareness is poor.

(3) the site management is not strict or detailed, the implementation measures are not in place, and the switch cabinet door that is not allowed to be repaired is not locked according to the requirements of maintenance measures.

Iii. Preventive measures

(1) strictly stop power transmission system, the implementation of who power cut who and listing management, prohibited live work.

(2) strengthen safety education and training for employees, improve professional and technical level, and enhance the awareness of safe production.