Concrete Example: Motor Overhaul

Concrete Example: Motor Overhaul

Aug 03, 2019

Concrete example: motor overhaul

1. Contact the territorial units to shut down the failed equipment and conduct energy isolation. (territorial units use collective locks to lock isolation points.)

2. Confirm that the maintenance site energy has been completely isolated. (the person in charge of maintenance and the person in charge of the territorial unit must confirm that the energy is isolated.)

3. Electrical maintenance personnel shall isolate the power supply of the equipment. They all have to Lockout.

4. Relevant locking personnel shall put the key into the notice lock box, and the person in charge of maintenance shall keep the key of the lock box. And fill in the Lockout tagout record.

5. Unlocking: confirm that the on-site maintenance task has been completed and the conditions are ready for commissioning. The person in charge of maintenance will open the collective lock box, and relevant personnel will take out the key, open the energy isolation point and resume production.