Control Of Pipeline Energy Source

Control Of Pipeline Energy Source

Jul 18, 2019

Control of pipeline energy source, release of residual energy.

(1) valve lock -- rotating valve lock, (set), rotating outward or inward to facilitate installation and save space. Features: unique semi-swivel is patented, each model can be fitted with a larger model to save space durable lightweight, insulated Zenex? Hot plastics resist chemicals and work well at extreme temperatures.

(2) adjustable ball valve lock, easy to operate, adjustable design to prevent closure. Durable, lightweight engineering plastic, resistant to chemical corrosion, compatible with four holes on the back, still effective in extreme conditions, suitable for Master Lock, any type of safety padlock, insert can be removed at the bottom, suitable for width dimension handle (12.7~50.8mm).

(3) adjustable cable lock, adjustable cable length in different application occasions, widely used in automobile, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, etc.; Tough, flexible, multi-strand wrapped steel cables, vinyl coated to insulate, brightly colored, permanently labeled, wire 4mm across tiny locking points.

(4) butterfly valve lock universal adjustable for almost all butterfly valve switches, easy to use, designed light and compact sliding wedge between handle and bar to fix butterfly valve, apply safety padlock to ensure compact fit, main body is durable Zenex? Thermoplastic material, resistant to extreme temperature.

Purpose: each locking point can be used for multiple workers to lock, and the switch equipment can be jointly managed on the energy cut-off switch. Unless the last person opens the padlock, the equipment can not be opened, satisfying the management of multiple people.

(1) aluminum safety buckle, fireproof aluminum, the inside diameter of the clamp is 38mm, which can accommodate 6 padlocks;

(2) easy to use buckle with label, combined with the characteristics of multiple people opening and padlock identification, easy to open buckle design and elastic lock arm anodizing treatment aluminum alloy and stainless steel structure, firm and anti-corrosion, bright color, reusable. (3) 428 nylon insulated safety clasp, nylon insulated clasp, internal diameter of clamp mouth is, can accommodate 6 safety padlocks.

Management standard of padlock and lock safety workstation: facing the management of lock and lock, we need to manage the use of lock well, which also meets the requirements of 6S, lean production and visual standards.