Daily Failure Of Safety Padlock And Solution

Daily Failure Of Safety Padlock And Solution

Nov 04, 2018

1. Do not jump the lock shackle

The reason why the lock beam does not jump is that the shape tolerance of the lock beam is too large. Insert the key into the lock center, turn it to the open position and do not move

2. The lock core does not turn

Do not turn because friction is high, do not need safety padlock for a long time, lock core and lock body appear rust, a few pour diesel oil and gasoline into lock core can solve a problem.

The key stuck in the lock

If the key is broken into the lock body from the root, it can be picked up directly with tweezers and other tools. If the lock core is broken in the middle, only the seven-hole seal plate on the lock body can be removed, and then it is installed after being popped and sealed with aluminum wire.

4. Blocked key insertion and extraction

This is due to the use of longer reasons, some graphite in the keyhole, the most commonly used is the pencil core, do not pour oil into it.