Dangerous Energy Lockout

Dangerous energy lockout

Prepare special locks for the lock control of dangerous energy sources: 1. The lock of equipment refers to the padlock of various lock positions of related equipment or facilities when performing the lock task. A lock has only one key, and the lock and key are placed in a fixed or movable lock case. "Padlocks designated for the use of authorized persons and affected persons." A lock has only one key, and the lock and key are in the personal custody of the person without performing the lock procedure. Personal locks are prohibited from being lent to others. A person has his name marked with a lock. 3. The main lock is only used by the person in charge of locking, which is used to fix the lock box and move the padlock box when executing the locking task. A lock has only one key. Main locks, equipment locks and personal locks are marked and distinguished by three colors: red, yellow and blue. Padlocks, special locks, labels, lockers and energy supply work labels used in the locking procedure are only used for the execution of the locking procedure. In addition, special tools for locking certain energy isolators are required.