Debugging And Operating Practice Of Electrical Locking And Listing Program

Debugging And Operating Practice Of Electrical Locking And Listing Program

Sep 24, 2019

Debugging and operating practice of electrical locking and listing program

Practice of commissioning and operation of electrical lockup and listing procedure on offshore oil and gas platform

Is located in the bohai sea in offshore oil field PL19 3 and PL25-6 by conocophillips China co., LTD., and the joint development of offshore oil companies in China, COPC as operators, five platforms for the oil field phase ii project and a FPSO during the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of train, work there are nearly 500 people at the peak of different kinds of connection testing team cross operations at sea or joint operation at the same time, the safety of personnel and equipment has become an important problem company connection debugging project concerns.

Based on the debugging experience of the previous wellhead platform and the actual situation of the offshore debugging, the project team adjusted the Lockout tagout work steps of the electrical equipment on the basis of not violating the work permit management procedure and equipment isolation procedure of conocophillips China co., LTD., so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the offshore project debugging.

Combined with the field work experience, this paper describes the Lockout tagout operation during the debugging of wellhead platform and public riser daily platform for reference of all peers. Due to the variety of field conditions during the project execution, special situations may occur, which need to be solved through consultation with the direct leader or relevant personnel. Commissioning at sea, in order to ensure the integrity of their facilities isolation operation record in the process of transition, and through the production and the connection debugging project team to work together to get familiar with the production equipment, production of electrical personnel as the platform or connect electrical isolation in the process of debugging the operator is responsible for all electrical equipment of isolated solution operations.

All the electrical equipment on the platform before starting offshore commissioning are in isolation, in all electrical switchgear and motor control center after the debugging (part already at the end of the shore debugging, such as high pressure plate of microcomputer relay protection device of low-voltage circuit breaker, lighting and small power socket set, etc.) according to the position of field devices, and equipment, all records in the company printed the isolation of single, as an original isolated single are reserved in the link debugging project electrical engineer.

To isolate a single record, you just need to indicate the device is in a state of isolation, originally need platform manager to sign first, under the supervision of maintenance after signed, signed by the safety supervision at the end of the isolation steps, before the equipment debugging are temporarily do not need, just in the next time the isolation sheet lists the equipment related to mechanical, process or instrumentation equipment debugging, the isolation sheet attached at the back of the work order, with the single successively by the platform manager or offshore commissioning manager and maintenance supervision in the isolation of single sign on.

When the debugging of a single device is finished, after confirming the disisolation, sign in the "disisolation" column of the original isolation sheet. At the same time, it shall be indicated in the status bar of the relevant device name item in the isolation status register.