Details Of Electrical Equipment Isolation And Isolation Operation During Marine Commissioning

Details Of Electrical Equipment Isolation And Isolation Operation During Marine Commissioning

Sep 28, 2019

Details of electrical equipment isolation and isolation operation during Marine commissioning

1. When electrical and other professional professionals on the same electrical equipment debugging equipment, if electrical equipment debugging, because of the need of debugging, equipment in isolation, but unlocking debug, if there are other professionals need to isolate the equipment again, and then settle the locks need to padlock, at the same time, another professional need to hang the professional isolation lock in isolation, at this time, don't need to open the electrical isolation.

2. When the new drawer of electrical equipment controller is added and the new drawer of electrical equipment controller is modified, the isolation point of the new equipment needs to be updated. At the same time, the electrical debugging engineer of the project team shall make up a new electrical isolation sheet, including the MCC or switch cabinet label number of the new isolation point, the bit number of the equipment and the name of the equipment.

3. In the process of electrical equipment debugging, if debug researchers found that electrical equipment cannot run normally, if not isolation may result in unsafe situations occur, at the same time may have to wait for a period of time to get spare parts, then the relevant electrical debugging, need to fill a isolated single, head also asked that the platform manager OIN bar with the signature of the leadership and supervision of column. The original is exposed by the electrical engineer of the project group, and the spare parts will arrive. After the debugging is completed, the electrical isolation personnel will release the isolation with the isolation sheet.

4. Isolation measures for lighting, socket and other distribution boxes. During the commissioning phase of the equipment, as long as at least 2 qualified electrical personnel are working on the line concerned, they will be in charge of the on-site lighting or outlet distribution box without the need for electrical isolation sheet. Considering that there may be access to other long-term electrical equipment in the lighting socket distribution box, or the relevant equipment will be isolated and disabled for a long time, the circuit breaker in the lighting socket distribution box will be entered into the database as the isolation point and used only when the newly added equipment is isolated.

5. Communication and process control system of UPS power distribution box for each fuse socket all the way is an isolated point, separate operation in UPS before, during and after the debugging all loop fusion SiDou was pulled up, and save, so each provide a fuse for debugging personnel, all need related debugging personnel prior to original isolated single to remove.

6. For the inside of the original isolated single device on the platform after the debugging, still in a state of isolation, must be in the isolated operation record book record as long-term isolation, facilitate unified after eliminate segregation, at the same time, for the newly added equipment, and because there is no spare parts need to isolate the equipment for a period of time, its isolation should also be recorded in the book of the long-term isolation page, and the original will be isolated but specifically reserved alone, for later use.

7. After the debugging, all the documents without contact isolation in the original isolation sheet shall be transferred to the production personnel as long-term isolation of the equipment, so that they can be used in future work.

8. As an electrical isolation operator, the basic principle in practical work is to conduct isolation degrime operation with the original approved by the company. At the same time, it is also necessary to be flexible and maintain the smooth progress of the project while ensuring safety.