Development of Lockout Tagout

In 1982, OSHA issued The Control of Hazardous Energy Regulation which came into force 7 years later to protect workers’ lives and health. With the implementation of the regulation, the number of American worker casualties has fallen sharply. In another word, the regulation made great achievements.

Over time, lockout/tagout became universal internationally. With the widespread adoption of lockout/tagout, China also emerged with relevant explanation in”Safety Production Law”. It’s great pleasure for both of employers who saw the advantage of adopting lockout/tagout program and workers whose lives are guaranteed.

With the development of technology and progress of society, lockout/tagout became more and more specific. Taking Lockey as an example, we cover a great range of safety padlock, valve lockout, cable lockout, circuit breaker lockout, pneumatic lockout, electrical lockout, lockout hasp, safety tag, lockout bag&box&station and safety label. Lockey are also developing new types of lockout products for different equipment.

We firmly believe that the lockout/tagout will develop better in the future, and all of the workers around the world can work safely one day.