Energy Discrimination

Energy Discrimination

Jul 27, 2019

Energy discrimination

The accident after

On May 22, 2007, the unit pressure test branch unit chief, technician, operator and other 5 people to xx to carry out pressure test work, due to the weather conditions, the unit chief secretly electrified to take a running cable, later found the time group leader has been electrocuted coma, died soon.

The cause of the accident

(I) direct causes:

The crew leader has no strong safety awareness, no supervision, no certificate on duty, illegal operation, resulting in electrocution.

(ii) indirect reasons:

Temporary power consumption is not standard, and there are problems with temporary power consumption at the construction site, which does not conform to the safety technical specification for temporary power consumption at the construction site.

The accident summary

This is a casualty accident caused by unauthorized live operation of operation personnel. It is necessary to improve the staffing of construction organizations, strengthen the study of workers' safety production rules and regulations, effectively implement HSE supervision, and strengthen construction safety management.

3. Energy discrimination and isolation

Workplace energy identification

Territorial units should identify the sources and types of all energy and materials (including utility systems) used in the operation. The energy to be controlled includes, but is not limited to, the following types:

Electrical energy: the current wing electron flow;

Kinetic energy: running equipment, etc.

Potential energy: spring, compressed gas, etc.

Chemical energy: hazardous chemicals;

Thermal energy: electric heating, cooling system.