Energy Isolation

Energy Isolation

Jul 20, 2019

Energy isolation

Purpose and scope of application

This system is formulated to prevent accidental release of energy and to regulate the safety management of equipment and facilities in the process of installation, overhaul, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning and other operations.

This system is applicable to Lockout tagout management of equipment and facilities in each branch plant within the scope of metallurgical division.

Quoting documents

Safety requirements for places of use for electrical equipment - part 2: safety measures for operation in the absence of electricity

Three, terminology,

(I) locking and listing: it is a method to lock and listing the energy isolation switch to prevent accidental energy release before the equipment maintenance, maintenance, cleaning and other work starts.

(2) danger area: the position in the three-dimensional space of the equipment where damage may be caused by the movement of rotating parts or materials of the equipment.

(3) energy source: energy that may endanger people, including compressed air, nitrogen, gas, gravity, elastic force, pressurized water, hydraulic pressure and steam.

(4) energy isolation devices: devices that physically prevent the release or transmission of power, including but not limited to: manually operated electrical circuit breakers; Manually operated safety switch; Valves in pipelines (locks on pipeline valves are not a substitute for blind plate work), plugs, and other similar devices that block or isolate power sources. (buttons, selector switches and other similar controls cannot be used as power isolators)

(v) authorized staff: refers to the staff who performs locking and listing for the service or maintenance operation of the machine and equipment. They must be qualified and authorized staff who have been trained and examined for locking and listing.

(vi) affected employees: employees who operate or need to work in the vicinity of the locked or listed equipment being served or maintained.