Energy Isolation Background

Energy Isolation Background

Aug 29, 2019

Energy isolation background

Background and importance

1. Eliminate accidents caused by misoperation of dangerous energy of equipment and pursue higher safety goals;

2. Call for national security standardization and requirements of relevant company regulations;

3. Avoid many such accidents like those of some external enterprises.

Project management requirements

1. Project implementation objects should cover all the representative equipment corresponding to the process, and work out the appropriate management level;

2. The tasks and activities of the project should involve the core members of the pilot unit, complete the tasks together and get the result document;

3. We will select some specific equipment and regions as the pilot, after all, it takes a certain process for rules and regulations to be accepted, and the rules and regulations need to be improved.

4. Comply with relevant national standards and company regulations;

5. Energy safety locking can really control and reduce the risk of accidents, so the understanding and cooperation of all staff is the key to the implementation of the project.

The desired effect

Establish energy isolation management standards and procedures during equipment maintenance, reduce and eliminate injury accidents in the process of equipment maintenance, maintenance, adjustment, debugging and cleaning, etc., ensure energy is effectively locked during operation, and establish the management mode of "safety locking".