Energy Isolation Is So Important

Energy Isolation Is So Important

Jul 21, 2020

"Energy isolation" is so important

Seeing the process of "blackout processing" four words, xiaobian immediately came up with a common word - energy isolation.

Chemical Energy Isolation Plan (Energy Isolation Plan, EIP) is accused of manufacturing all hazardous Energy sources, such as maintenance area to prevent the production operation, construction, maintenance, maintenance of machinery or equipment or project transformation occurs during may cause personal injury or occupational disease accidental transmission, start, or a sudden release of Energy the Energy leakage, such as fire or explosion accidents.

The secondary isolation point is a necessary and sufficient energy isolation supplement to the primary isolation point.

For high risk of chemical process piping, equipment disconnected operation, hot work, into a limited space or involved in serious danger of chemicals (including flammable, explosive, toxic, reactivity, high pressure or high temperature and other chemicals) related to the maintenance work, in principle, must want to have a second isolation protection, such as installing a blind plate as a separation point, just rely on the valve and electrical switch for energy isolation is not reliable.

Failure, such as leakage of valves and short circuit of electrical switches, will cause sudden release of residual energy in the process system or sudden rotation of transmission equipment, which will cause injury to personnel in the operation area, damage to equipment and unsafe accidents such as fire and explosion caused by chemical leakage.

The principle of "energy isolation"

For the energy isolation point, the principle of requiring the isolation point to be close to the operation area is required in principle, which is the most likely to ensure the safety of the pipeline and equipment in the operation area and prevent the residual chemicals in the lengthy process pipeline from affecting the operation safety.

According to the content and scope of maintenance or project work and process condition, the personnel in the production area will evaluate the residual energy isolation status and isolation method in the operation area, including process diagram of the operation area, status of valve switch, status of electrical equipment power off, etc.

In short, the energy isolation plan is a systematic method of isolating and controlling energy sources, from process system energy isolation assessment, cleaning plan, detection method, blind plate installation, electrical partition, and listing lock to completion of the energy isolation plan, and then to the confirmation and verification of energy isolation before work.

Until the end of the maintenance work, the energy isolation point can be removed step by step, and the process system can be restored to ensure that there is no omission, so as to effectively protect the safety of the repair team, the safety of equipment and property, and the integrity of the process system after maintenance.