Energy Isolation /Lock Out Tag Out

Energy Isolation /Lock Out Tag Out

Jan 02, 2021

Roles and responsibilities

The applicant


A person who makes a request to perform an operation, and who may or may not be involved in the actual work.

What to do?

Apply for a work permit and start the work permit process.

This may be done by means of maintenance work orders associated with work permit applications.

Permit Issuer


A trained, experienced and competent employee who, when authorized, is responsible for issuing operating permits.

Typically, the person in charge of the equipment or system for the job (who is most familiar with the operating conditions of the equipment or system) and henkel's management of the corresponding contractor.

What to do?

Participate in operational risk assessment.

Review and approve the construction plan.

Before the operation, carry out on-site inspection of safety measures, and sign and approve the operation permit as the regional approver.

Patrol inspection and supervision of safety during operation.

After the completion of the operation, on-site inspection and confirmation, sign off the permit.