Energy Isolation Management Regulation

Energy Isolation Management Regulation

Dec 10, 2019

Energy isolation management regulation

On hz32-2 platform, an employee of a contractor accidentally disassembled the ball valve body when removing the pipeline downstream of fire hose assembly ball valve (there was still pressure upstream of the ball valve). The steel ball in the valve body was rushed out by fire water and hit the employee in the face. Fortunately, the employee was wearing safety glasses and did not cause too serious injury.

What was the main cause of the accident?

The scope of

This standard specifies the energy isolation requirements involved in the maintenance and modification of equipment, facilities and installations;

This standard applies to operations conducted on offshore oil and gas production and related operating facilities as well as on process production facilities. Units of hazardous chemicals may refer to these standards.

Terms and definitions

Energy isolation: disconnect the isolation of power sources, gas sources, liquid sources, such as mechanical and electrical isolation.

Mechanical isolation: physical disconnection from power, gas, and liquid sources.

Electrical isolation: secure separation of electrical or equipment components from all transmission sources.

Absolute energy isolation: physical partition, absolute separation of hazards, mainly used in mechanical isolation.

Double partition and discharge: close the two partition valves in the line and empty the medium in the section between the two valves.

Isolation certificate: written certificate of approval opinion of isolation point.

Separate padlock with number label

Padlock: mechanical lock on the isolation point to prevent other external factors from interfering with the isolation point;

Label: a label with a unique numeric number used to identify the point of separation.

Process isolation

Close and lock valves on fluid lines, which may include pressure relief, flushing, and exhaust of the line, for mechanical isolation.

Process isolation selection diagram

Standard isolation demonstration diagram based on fluid medium, pipe diameter and fluid pressure.

Personnel responsibilities

Isolator: define, implement and record isolation points. By qualified personnel.

Approver of isolation certificate: approves the relevant isolation certificate and controls the key of all lock devices related to isolation.