Energy Isolation Management Requirements (2)

Energy Isolation Management Requirements (2)

Mar 09, 2019

Common isolation mode

Remove the line and add the blind.

Double cut off the valve and open the drain between the two valves.

Cut off the power or discharge the capacitor.

Exit the material and close the valve.

Radiation isolation, distance separation.

Anchoring, locking, or blocking

Requirements for drawing and adding blind plate

Special person is responsible for drawing and adding the blind board. According to the drawing of the blind board, the operation shall be uniformly numbered and recorded. In principle, whoever adds the blind board shall draw the blind board, and the personnel change shall be well handed over.

The blind plate should be considered to prevent leakage, fire prevention, poisoning prevention, slip prevention, fall prevention and other hazards, and the implementation of safety technical measures.

No two or more blind board pumping operations shall be conducted simultaneously on the same pipeline.