Energy Isolation - Prevent Poisoning And Suffocation

Energy Isolation - Prevent Poisoning And Suffocation

Jan 14, 2021

Energy isolation - prevent poisoning and suffocation

In winter, the air pressure is low and the ventilation is not smooth. It is easy to gather toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive gases. It is easy to be poisoned and suffocated in life or occupation in the process of heating, cooking and drinking and production.

Because of the cold weather and the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the welding seam and valve of the trachea are easy to freeze and crack, resulting in gas leakage and accumulation of dead corners, which may cause the risk of suffocation.

To do a good job in the operation safety of limited space is the focus of anti-asphyxiation work:

Before operation, ventilation in advance, test qualified, approval before entering the limited space operation;


In the operation, keep good ventilation, set up beside the guardian, the guardian shall not leave the post;

After the operation, pull the trachea out of the confined space and turn off the air source.

Wood and coal pellets are strictly prohibited to light fires for heating in the dormitory to prevent carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion. The dormitory should be ventilated frequently.