Energy Isolation Step --- Confirmation

Energy Isolation Step --- Confirmation

Mar 23, 2019

After the lock tag is attached, it should be tested and started to confirm that dangerous energy or boredom is effectively isolated or removed. When a party has any doubts about the adequacy or completeness of the locking and isolation, it may require a re-examination of all the isolation.

Confirm the way

Before releasing or isolating energy, observe that the pressure gauge or liquid level gauge is in good working condition; By observing the pressure gauge and liquid level gauge, it can be comprehensively confirmed that the stored energy has been completely removed or effectively isolated. During the reconfirmation process, other hazards should be avoided.

Visually confirm that the connector is disconnected and the device has stopped rotating.

For work tasks with electrical hazards, there should be a clear break point, and no voltage has been tested.

Check the radiation intensity through the radioactive source detector.