Energy Isolation Under Certain Circumstances

Energy Isolation Under Certain Circumstances

Nov 10, 2020

Energy isolation under certain circumstances

Complex LOTOTO method - A complex LOTOTO method must be implemented when one or more authorizers need to perform a task on one or more of the following machinery, equipment, or process systems:

Involves a large number of energy isolation devices or authorizers;

Extended duration of energy isolation (e.g., more than one shift);

Unable to access the energy isolation unit;

The components of machinery, equipment and process systems are interdependent and interrelated.

For complex LOTOTO methods, a responsible person must be assigned full responsibility and authority for the quarantine operation, and continuity of lock protection must be ensured. This may be accomplished by using a lockbox or complex isolator system.

Intermittent operations: When testing, troubleshooting, or adjusting the position of components in machinery, equipment, or process systems, the following procedures shall be followed:

Implement work risk analysis according to the proposed operation mode, and implement all risk control measures;

Apply for work permit according to work permit procedure;

Follow THE nine steps of HECP to implement LOTOTO.

Shift work: If the maintenance task is not completed in one working shift and needs to be handed over to the next shift, the shift leader shall be responsible for the current isolation state. The replacement shall be informed of the work carried out and relevant information. The shift staff shall unlock the personal locks on the energy isolation device one by one. The shift staff shall repeat the locking procedure for more than one time before starting work.