Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Jul 16, 2019

Enterprise security

Safety is the top priority of enterprises. Due to the lack of energy source management, workers' negligence and the lack of effective communication between departments, accidents happen frequently, bringing negative social effects and endangering the safety of life. In order to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel on the site of maintenance and repair, the Lockout safety procedures should be strictly implemented on the site of operation control.

OSHA standard -29cfr (1910.147) states: "when the equipment or tool is being repaired, maintained or cleaned, the power source associated with the equipment is cut off so that the equipment or tool cannot be started. All power sources (power, hydraulic, air, etc.) are shut down. The purpose: to ensure that no one working on the machine is harmed or injured." The lock is to ensure that the power of the device is completely turned off and the device remains in a safe state. Locking prevents the device from being accidentally activated, causing injury or death.


The power source related to the equipment or tools should be cut off when they are repaired, maintained or cleaned. This prevents the device or tool from starting, and all power sources (power, hydraulic, air, etc.) are initially turned off.

Management and control of energy sources need to be strengthened, and increased visibility can help reduce the risk of accidental injury to zero.