Equipment Failure, No Lockout Tagout

Equipment Failure, No Lockout Tagout

Mar 23, 2020

The equipment is out of order

In July 2006, Yang mou of worker of some company of Qingdao disassembled injection molding machine to shoot head heating ring privately electrocuted, cause 1 person to die.

Accident history:

Injection molding machine operator Yang when hit, hit the mold, then find a craftsman zhao, zhao judge is equipment nozzle jam, then tell Yang discharge nozzle. According to the regulations: disassemble the nozzle must shut off the main power and be operated by a professional maintenance worker; In the case of not according to the provisions of the total power off, Yang will remove the heating ring, the results of the pipe pliers touched the coil power line, Yang fell to the ground, rescue invalid.

Cause of accident:

1. The main reason for the accident is that the technologist illegally directs the operator Yang to discharge the nozzle and fails to monitor the operation site.

2. The equipment operator Yang removed the live parts of the equipment without power failure, which is the direct cause of the accident;

Accident liability:

1. The accident caused by the illegal command of technologist zhao is the main cause of the accident, and he is mainly responsible for it.

2. Yang was mainly responsible for the accident due to his illegal operation.

3. The gold plastic company on duty security yu did not timely find that the workers violated the rules and regulations, give administrative economic punishment.

4. The person in charge of the company's establishment office, the branch factory and the relevant leaders of the business department shall take the management responsibility and impose administrative and economic penalties.

Accident warning:

1. Under any circumstances, the operators shall work in accordance with the rules and regulations and equipment operation procedures, and shall not operate blindly or take risks. Any momentary violation may lead to bad results.

2. All levels of personnel of production experience units should put safety in the first place and truly achieve safety first. If safety is considered in advance and violations in the maintenance process are controlled, accidents can be avoided.