Equipment Maintenance Accident Cases

Equipment Maintenance Accident Cases

Mar 14, 2019

Due to the failure of a sand mixer in a casting plant, the maintenance task was not completed until late in the day, so the maintenance team arranged a mechanic to finish the maintenance task before work the next day. On the second day, the mechanic took into account that the sand mixer was equipped with the door crane safety control device, and did not hang the warning sign "no closing for work" at the sand mixer source switch. He entered the sand mixer alone for maintenance, and the door was brought to a gap of only 150mm. On duty mixes arenaceous worker to go to work that day to compare early, did not check in advance inside machine whether somebody works, push on cabin door at will, smooth actuate mixes arenaceous machine. Stop the machine immediately when you hear someone Shouting inside. After the sand mixing machine stopped, the door was opened and the mechanic was sent to the hospital for treatment. He died on the same day due to his serious injury. After the investigation of the operator on duty, it was found that the operator removed the interlocking safety control device of the door machine two days ago without the consent of any department and without informing any department.


The law of the People's Republic of China on production safety stipulates that the production and business operation entities must carry out regular maintenance and examination of the safety equipment to ensure normal operation. Maintenance, maintenance and overhaul shall be recorded and signed by the personnel concerned. The door machine interlock safety control device of the sand mixer belongs to the safety equipment of the sand mixer. The operator did not carry out regular maintenance on it, but removed it and did not carry out inspection before starting the machine, which led to the occurrence of this accident.