Equipment Maintenance And Safe Operation Procedures

Equipment Maintenance And Safe Operation Procedures

Apr 23, 2019

1.lockout and tagout procedure

1 purpose

Anything that might cause injury to personnel in equipment maintenance inspection operations (such as in an airtight container or rotating equipment, etc.), must cut off all the energy source on the equipment (including electricity, gas) and effectively locking control, in order to prevent the equipment when working suddenly starts, so as to ensure the personal safety of maintenance inspection personnel.

2 relevant personnel

Field maintenance personnel, field maintenance responsible personnel, central control room operator, electrician

3 steps

3.1 determine the equipment to be locked during power failure

According to the needs of maintenance work, fill in the declaration to stop sending electricity ticket, by the maintenance site electrical responsible person to determine the power should be locked equipment, all may cause danger to the safety of personnel equipment are locked scope.

3.2 equipment blackout

By the dispatcher notice maintenance responsible person, the central control room, the relevant equipment power.

3.3 lock

Requirements for locking equipment:

For low voltage equipment, the corresponding control cabinet (box) must be locked

For the medium-voltage control equipment, close the relevant medium-voltage equipment and then lock the corresponding medium-voltage cabinet