Explosion At Alpha Platform In UK North Sea Oil Field

Explosion At Alpha Platform In UK North Sea Oil Field

Oct 31, 2019

Examples of application

A sales company of petrochina adopts Lockout tagout management when unloading oil at the gas station

Specific measures:

1. Mark different oil unloading ports with different colors;

2. Indicate the oil product number;

3. Lock the oil unloading port shingle;

4. Ensure that the color of the oil unloading port is consistent with the color of the lock.

Function: increase the number of confirmation, reduce the error.

Explosion at alpha platform in UK north sea oil field

Accident process:

On July 6, 1988, on the alpha oil rig in the north sea,

Two liquefied natural gas pumps (A\B) in the A pump out of service, according to the original plan before the end of the afternoon maintenance, but after work, the maintenance engineer did not finish the maintenance of A pump, so they filled out A maintenance sheet, marked "A pump is not good maintenance", sent to the safety supervisor's desk. The Lockout tagout management was not implemented. At this time, pump A was only partially repaired, the relief valve on the relief line was removed, A blind plate was installed in the position of the relief valve, and it was not tightened.

On the evening of July 6, the production of pump B in the two pumps stopped due to failure. In order not to affect the production staff, the production staff started pump A, at which time the liquefied natural gas leaked from the blind plate and caused A fire.

The blaze lasted 36 days and killed 167 people. An important cause of the accident: the maintenance of A pump not Lockout tagout, was accidentally started!