Five Basic Locking Steps

Five Basic Locking Steps

Jun 25, 2020

Five basic locking steps

When you think you need to lock, follow these five basic steps to lock your machine and equipment. These steps apply to all machines and equipment, so every worker should be familiar with them:

1. Identify machines or equipment that need to be locked.

2. Turn off the machine or equipment to ensure that all movable parts are completely stopped. Also make sure the shutdown does not pose a risk to other workers.

3. Identify the total energy isolation devices for each energy source and turn them off.

4. Lock the total energy isolation unit for each energy source and ensure that all parts and accessories do not start unexpectedly.

5. Test whether each energy source is effectively switched off and securely locked. The first thing to do is to make sure that other workers are in a safe position, so that even if you don't effectively cut off the power, there's no danger. After each energy isolation unit is turned off, or a whole group of energy isolation units adjacent to it, it is possible to test whether the energy has been completely cut off.