Five Factors Of Production Safety

Five Factors Of Production Safety

Jul 11, 2019

Five factors of production safety

Among the five elements of safe production, human, machine, material, law and environment, human is the least reliable factor. Even if the "no work" sign is hung, dangerous energy cannot be controlled. So how are dangerous energy controls implemented? For dangerous energy risk control, safety management system in recent years, many methods, each enterprise has different characteristics, and here I to introduce you to have joint venture with alcan and ning aluminium company control method for such a job, and combining the experience over the past few years the unit operation, expounds the procedures of the hazardous energy control: First of all, the management of the plant implementing the management procedure should make a commitment to the implementation of the hazardous energy management procedure, and support the on-site managers and employees implementing the management procedure, which must provide sufficient resources and allocate their powers appropriately to ensure the effective management and implementation of the procedure.

Specific operation method is: in branch (or factory), by the production unit and maintenance departments organize professional team, for energy isolation point belongs to operational areas, and number shall be carried out in accordance with the different kinds of energy, and then according to the job content for each particular job involves the risk of energy point written forms of energy locked (isolated) program, this program was created to ensure that for installation, maintenance, repair, inspection work, to ensure safety in the process of zero energy. In addition to specifying all connections to the control system, the procedure specifies the isolation of hazardous energy points for the operation and the verification of zero energy. It also points out the specific location of the energy lock and the relevant test or verification methods.