Full Control Of Dangerous Energy

Full Control Of Dangerous Energy

Oct 29, 2020

EHS laws and regulations and comprehensive control of hazardous energy

In recent years, various environmental pollution incidents and work safety accidents occur frequently, which have attracted the attention of government regulatory departments. The management of environment, health and safety of enterprises has become the focus of attention of the public and enterprise managers. How to understand the latest requirements of laws and regulations and apply them to the internal management of enterprises, how to grasp the legislative trend, understand the law enforcement dynamics, and how to deal with the new requirements of EHS under the new situation of automation, intelligence and digitalization are all important topics facing enterprise managers.

At the same time, as more efficient mechanical automation lines and automation equipment are widely used in factories, the work efficiency is improved at the same time, safety management has also created new challenges. After years of research and summary, based on the theoretical model of accidental release of energy, TUV Rhein has launched the dangerous energy solutions tailored for various enterprises.

TUV rheinland greater China service management system auditors Yang, director of the nanjing, soloing, Cynthia hotan wisdom express respectively in shenzhen on July 26, August 23, August 30, wuhan and guangzhou field seminar to share the EHS laws and regulations and compliance audit, help enterprises to grasp the important EHS laws and regulations, improve EHS regulatory compliance, and integrated with the company's existing management system and implementation method. Experts mainly share the EHS face new challenges, the function of national regulatory authorities to adjust the three at the same time, environmental protection and pollution management regulations change trend and risk prevention system, etc, and depth interpretation has just introduced the new requirements on emission of volatile organic compounds, no organization and workplace harmful factors, the new standard of occupational exposure limit for EHS professional groups first -hand information laws and regulations.

In addition to laws, regulations and compliance, improving the health and safety of the workplace is the purpose of establishing and implementing the EHS management system. On how to take full control of risk of accidental release of energy, and avoid possible injuries, TUV rheinland experts to share the risk of new energy related laws and regulations, safety design and safety protection of the cutting edge of technology, the hazardous energy isolation and control measures of the implementation of the method, and mainly introduced the TUV rheinland tailored for the enterprise risk energy take full control of the business. At the meeting, the experts' deep insight into hazardous energy locking environment and health and safety management triggered heated discussions among relevant staff of the enterprises present and received high comments.

EHS management system integrates the environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), through a systematic prevention and management mechanism, to completely eliminate all kinds of accidents, environmental and occupational hazards, so as to improve enterprise safety, environment and health performance. Its implementation plays a great role in enhancing the cohesion of the factory, improving the internal management of the factory, enhancing the image of the factory, and creating better economic and social benefits. TUV Rhein is able to provide a series of EHS solutions to help enterprises effectively improve EHS management level.