Fully Document The Locking Process

Fully Document The Locking Process

Jun 22, 2019

Fully document the locking process

The second recommendation is to document the locking process as required. By doing so, employees and management can unify their understanding of the locking process, keep it consistent and eliminate all confusion about the locking process. In addition, the locking process of the record file can also be used as treasure. Your resources are used for staff learning and training. The OHSA requires that records be kept in accordance with the standards, but the locking process varies from workplace to workplace. Therefore, it is important to document the work in order to ensure that the locking process is efficient.

The locking process should be complete and elaborate on the steps to shut down the device and isolate the risk, as well as how to safely remove the relevant Lockout tagout

To make the locking process easy for employees to refer to, the process zhang bei should be placed near the relevant equipment. It is strongly recommended to post a photo of the process specific to the equipment, and the photo should detail each process. Compared with forms and text, photos have unique advantages, which can provide more specific and intuitive guidance for employees.

All isolation points are clearly marked

All points that need to be controlled or isolated should be labeled with standardized labels, clearly and permanently marked, and the labels should be visually visible. At the same time, ensure that all isolation points are documented and follow the appropriate locking process as described in article 2.