General Procedure For Lockout Tagout

General Procedure For Lockout Tagout

Jul 30, 2019

General procedure for Lockout tagout

Confirm test confirm

Low vent, confirm boredom has been isolated;

Observe the pressure gauge or page indicator to confirm that energy or boredom has been isolated;

Visually confirm the valve switch, the component has been disconnected and the rotating equipment has stopped rotating;

For exposure to electrical hazards, check that the power supply wire is disconnected. All locks shall be physically disconnected and tested without voltage.

When the conditions permit, the territorial units shall test the equipment in the presence of the operator.

Press the start button or switch to make sure the equipment is no longer running. During testing, all restrictions (such as interlocks) that may prevent the device from starting or moving should be shielded.

Electric pen test, etc.

If the isolation is confirmed to be invalid, the territorial unit shall take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the operation.

Both sides confirm.

Surrender of equipment:

However, the territorial unit and the person in charge of the operation confirm that the energy and materials are not isolated and safety measures are in place before the operation.

On-site acceptance:

After the operation is completed, the territorial unit and the operating unit should confirm that the energy and materials have been isolated or removed. By the process personnel acceptance.