General Requirements

General Requirements

Aug 24, 2019

General requirements

For new machines, changes to existing machines, correction of identified hazardous energy control defects, and possible improvement of hazardous energy control, the user shall make plans to determine whether a procedure needs to be developed or revised.

The user shall establish a responsibility mechanism to ensure that the procedures accurately reflect the current requirements and effectively control the dangerous energy of the machine.

The program shall be readily available to authorized personnel in the form of printed or electronic documents, or in the form of machine nameplates.

The machine shut down

The machine should be shut down or disabled through specially established hazardous energy control procedures.

Isolation of the machine, all energy isolation devices used to control the energy required for the machine to complete a predetermined task, shall ensure that the machine can be isolated from energy.

For complex machines, where it is necessary to isolate the power or motion of a particular component, while maintaining the power supply of the control system, auxiliary equipment, and other devices and components, a locked-area (local) energy isolation device should be used.

The use of locking or hanging devices

The locking or hanging device shall be attached to each energy isolating device by an authorized person.

When using a locking device, ensure that the energy isolating device is kept in a "safe" or "off" position.

When using a hangtag device, make it clear that it is forbidden to operate or move an energy isolating device in a "safe" or closed position.

When used in conjunction with a lockable energy isolator, the hangtag shall be fixed in the lock position of the energy isolator.

If the hangtag cannot be attached directly to the energy isolator, it should be placed as close to the energy isolator as possible and in a safe place so that anyone attempting to operate the machine can immediately see it. In addition, the operator's control position should also be set up to remind the staff that the machine is in a disabled state.