Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Nov 10, 2018

First of all, LOCKEY wishes everyone a happy Halloween party! You have a good time!

Halloween fanatic Halloween is a traditional festival in the west on October 31 every year. Halloween means “holy night”. Halloween has become one of the most popular and popular festivals of the year, and many people celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The night before November 1 is a celebration of autumn, just as beltane is a celebration of spring.

The symbol of Halloween is the jack-o ‘-lantern (also called jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern). The story is also from ancient Ireland. The story is about a man named JACK. One day jack tricked the devil into climbing a tree, and then carved a cross on the stump to frighten him into coming down. When jack died, his soul could neither go to heaven nor hell, and his spirit had to rely on a small candle to guide him around the world. In ancient Irish legend, the little candle was placed inside a hollowed-out radish called “JACK LATERN.” It is said that soon after arriving in the United States, the Irish found that pumpkins outcompeted turnips in both origin and carving and became Halloween pets.

On Halloween, children will go from house to house with pumpkin lanterns and various costumes, saying “trick or treat.” if you don’t give candy, the children will be very angry and punish you in various ways.

New York City also hosts a special Halloween night fast tour, featuring a bunch of vampires, zombies, witches, science monsters and more. Members of the public are welcome to visit the carnival, which is full of people of all ages, genders, classes and nationalities.