Hang A Tag To Get An Electric Shock Accident

Hang A Tag To Get An Electric Shock Accident

Apr 09, 2019

I. accident history

In 2001, the vice monitor of the electrician class of a comprehensive brigade of a company led the electrician to carry out the rectification task of the circuit outside the dormitory of a drilling team. Three people arrived at the site at about 10 o 'clock in the morning and did not carry out the rectification because of the rain. When the rain stops, ask electrician a to pull down the main switch of the power generation room for the dormitory (600A air switch), and check the power with the measuring point pen, and start the operation after the power is confirmed to be cut off. About 15 when 10 minutes, electrician discovers a wire to break skin in rectification process, conductor is exposed, put this line down from pole then, when preparing to wrap up this place with insulating tape, the 3rd section of left hand forefinger and exposure path problem contact cause electric shock. The deputy monitor ran to the power amplifier as fast as he could (about 50 meters away from the site) and found that the circuit knife had been closed. He quickly pushed the switch down with his foot. The electrician died after being rescued by on-site medical personnel.

Ii. Cause analysis

Due to their eagerness to carry out the construction, the construction personnel employed for on-site water drawing work, without notifying the electrician of the drilling team and the electrician of the rectification circuit, or observing whether there is any construction personnel, will provide the switch and monk of power supply to the dormitory at one time, causing sudden electrification of the outside line.

After electrician pulls a brake, did not hang according to the regulation "prohibit closing, somebody works" warning tag.

Iii. Accident prevention measures

Foreign construction personnel have no right to operate electrical equipment, electrical aspects of the only do must be held by the electrician operating certificate on duty electrician.

In the electrical equipment work, must do a good job to ensure the safety of organizational measures and technical measures.

There should be obvious disconnection point between the construction site and the power supply.

Lock out tag out , (energy isolation)