Hazard Energy Control Procedure

Hazard Energy Control Procedure

Aug 22, 2019

Hazard energy control procedure

General requirements

The total critical element of the overall hazardous energy program is the formulation of procedures. Each unique machine or machine group shall develop and document detailed hazardous energy control procedures during maintenance or maintenance. These procedures shall be posted and published or otherwise accessible to authorized personnel for inspection and use.

When a workshop or factory has more than one machine of the same kind or more than one system or production line, all machines may also adopt one program.

If the machine has only one source of energy and can be easily identified and isolated, no written procedures are required.

Elements of control procedures

Hazardous energy control procedures should clearly and specifically outline the requirements for effective isolation of machines. The procedure shall include all of the following;

Machine identification;

A list of all required energy isolation devices and locations;

A specific procedural step for shutting off, isolating, blocking, fixing, or releasing stored or surplus energy;

Specific steps for placing and removing the lockout tagout device;

Verify that the specific isolation and disability requirements are met.