Hazard Identification

Hazard Identification

Mar 06, 2021

Hazard identification

Risk analysis and risk control theory


Take dangers and hidden dangers as the research object

Theoretical basis:

Knowledge of cause and effect of accidents, and identification of risk and hidden chain of events.

The concept of event chain is established, and the advanced stream of consciousness and dynamic epistemology of accident system are established.

The comprehensive elements such as human, machine, environment and management defect are established.

It advocates the comprehensive measures of engineering technology hard means, education and management soft means, and puts forward the concepts and ideas of prevention and evaluation in advance.

4M elements of the accident system

Accident - lack of management -1. Unsafe behavior of people 2. Unsafe state of things 3. Bad environment

Accident hazards:

People: unsafe behavior in large numbers

Machine: Unsafe state of machine

Ring: Bad environment

Management: lack of management

Safety System Elements

Safety system:

People: concept, consciousness, behavior, moral character, humanistic safety quality

Material: the essential safety of machine is a good environment and a safe state of material

Energy: mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, thermal energy, radiant energy

Information: original information, processing information