Hazard Identification-Lototo

Hazard Identification-Lototo

Mar 04, 2021

Hazard identification

The stage of human awareness of security issues

The stage of original management is also called the stage of experience self-defense

The traditional management stage is also called the experience management stage

Modern safety management stage, also known as the system management stage

Traditional management theory - accident theory

Epistemology: the basic starting point is accident, accident as the object of study and understanding, mainly empiricism and post-mortem safety philosophy.

Reverse thinking: from accident consequences to causative events.

Performance: Tailor-treating, case-by-case, passive and lagging.

Traditional management theory - methods and characteristics


Accident analysis (accident - investigation - treatment - report)

Accident law research, post - post management mode

The principle of "four imperatives" (cause, party, person responsible, measure)


Based on accident statistics causative theory;

After the rectification countermeasures;

Accident compensation mechanism and accident insurance system, etc.