How Does Valve Lockout Spot?

How Does Valve Lockout Spot?

Oct 25, 2017

How does Valve Lockout spot?
Valve Lockout is a great invention in our daily life closely related to the reliability and use of the switchgear has been locked. So we have a cabinet door to install and maintain it is necessary. Must be standardized and properly installed, switch lock and panel can not use paper and tape attached to the force can not be installed in the switchgear door locks, to avoid locking the surface scratches paint dry. Switchgear door locks must be installed in accordance with the product description, installation need to pay attention to the switchgear door lock is not high humidity, to avoid corrosion. Used in the repair process, there will be spots, because these locks are made of zinc alloy and copper lock, it is not rusty, the oxidation takes place but life is too long, which will only need to use the surface wax spray brush can be removed. It is advisable to use a stainless steel switchgear door lock that will not be oxidized and rusty, but also more durable.
Matthew effect, presumably we have heard that the stronger the stronger, the weak the weak the phenomenon. In the Valve Lockout industry, the development of the Valve Lockout giants is smooth and fragile. Baode lock industry development as snowball generally more and more big. While the small and medium-sized Valve Lockout business, is still struggling, trying to have a difficult development in the map.
However, Valve Lockout giants are also developed from small and medium enterprises, along the way is also 'bloody' break through, only today's achievements. Small and medium enterprises 'threshold' came, the industrial Valve Lockout is the door to go, but eloquent success experience; live is hard, from the disappearance. For the development of small and medium enterprises, continuous efforts, innovation, the more the past is a successful example, cross the past can only be classified in the collapse of the enterprise figures. 2011 more 'shortage' of the year, the face of 'money shortage', 'electricity shortage', 'labor shortage' and other shortage, small and medium enterprises how to panic is a question worth thinking about. The central bank to raise interest rates, small and medium enterprises financing difficult, simple labor-intensive industrial chain is difficult to go long-term. And transformation and upgrading is not only shouting slogans can be so simple. Small and medium-sized Valve Lockout business, how to break the Matthew effect curse, get rid of the weak weaker hat, in the difficult Valve Lockout environment 'caught creatures' it?
Small and medium enterprises should find their own way of development. For example, the strength of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, when the Huarui transformation, to ensure that in the complex environment to keep up with the pace, into the survival of the fittest 'fit', the survival of the fittest in the 'excellent'; no technical support and transformation The strength of the enterprise, can 'group' development, in the cold Valve Lockout environment, 'Baotuan' heating, the advantages of several projects combined project together to a new level; or can choose 1N mode, several small and medium enterprises Leveraging a large enterprise, driven development.
At this time some skill is needed to avoid damage to the lock in everyday use, because the example process must keep the Valve Lockout clean, and once found some dirt around it, then wash it in time to avoid dust or other dirt in the air into the lock caused unnecessary loss.
The other hand, when we unlock very hard, then you can get some pencil inside the ink can be a good open lock. Do not use brute force, forced open to avoid deformation of the door. In our daily life, it is very useful way to lock the door on the electrical cabinet and a good way that the above is a basic way of Valve Lockout, which is regularly maintained.