How Should The Ball Valve Lock Be Selected

How Should The Ball Valve Lock Be Selected

Jan 17, 2019

Ball valve locks is one of the safety lock, when the maintenance personnel to repair machine and pipe, need to lock and ball valve parts of the machine and pipe listed, in order to inform other personnel, the workplace is overhaul, the ball valve shall not, without the operation, and maintenance personnel in maintenance will not because other people's wrong operation and lead to the occurrence of danger.

Ball valve locks are generally divided into two categories: straight type and with arm. Usually straight type is small, it is made of ABS engineering plastic material, quality is light, and take in the arm is usually made up of block arm and take tooth ladder locks, arm is stainless steel, with tooth ladder lock is composed of stainless steel and ABS material together, so generally speaking, the belt in arm ball valve locks quality heavy, big volume and high cost. But influenced by their modelling, the use of the straight type ball valve locks is narrow, usually under the influence of ball valve on both sides of the pipe diameter, if the ball valve on both sides of the pipe diameter is bigger, then cannot use monoblock type ball valve locks, and must be used with arm - ball lock, because the latter with arm, so can be used for any ball valves, so also known as the universal ball valve locks.

In the selection of ball valve lock should also know the size of the ball valve, consult the customer service personnel straight plate type ball valve lock available range. For the size of pipes on both sides of the ball valve, choose the straight plate type or the one with baffle arm.

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