How To Buy Lockout Hasp?

How To Buy Lockout Hasp?

Aug 14, 2017

How to buy Lockout Hasp?
Lockout Hasp Type: Lockout Hasp is divided into IC card door lock (card), magnetic card lock (card), sensor card lock and TM card lock, the most used for the card lock and IC card lock, According to their own hotel management needs analysis, the system cost to choose the type of door lock installed.
Because the smart lock different mechanical locks, smart locks related to machinery, electronics, computer systems, the proposed selection of a better reputation of the mature brand, the current domestic smart lock brand, but a full set of production capacity is estimated to be less than 10%, the best understanding of the Manufacturers of the development, production, after-sales situation, whether it is standardized enterprises, whether the construction of the quality management system.
 There are many users due to lack of procurement experience or only cheap (those brands may be cheaper to lock, but other accessories or card machines are expensive, and free distribution, the maintenance of the price will be several thousand dollars), the purchase of products After a period of time may not find the manufacturers, or quality problems to find irresponsible manufacturers manufacturers that improper use of the user does not give maintenance or accessories such as astronomical phenomena.
Lockout Hasp buy skills: just because Lockout Hasp more and more consumers and the hotel side of the favor, and as consumers should know more about the purchase of Lockout Hasp common sense, so I teach you how to buy Lockout Hasp!
 1, the door lock card or sensor key card to be sensitive. To repeat the card or induction key card after opening the door should be normal operation, there should be no "no response" or "error", "motor chaos" phenomenon. To check the brand lock information, the clock is not easy to chaos, as long as the performance of Lockout Hasp check stable, those so-called additional features do not necessarily have a practical effect. Should choose its own error correction function of the circuit lock. Such as choosing an immature product may not be able to use or maintain a great job. Kofu Lockout Hasp circuit microcomputer chip control, the circuit comes with information error correction function, the circuit processing information more stable, sensor door lock with dual clock correction error rate is very low, the sensor door lock using wireless data acquisition for the door lock maintenance, Open the door to record data is very convenient.
2, the use of empty hand or non-idle handle? According to years of use no problem. It is recommended to use non-empty lock body, non-empty lock body from the panel when the skew and affect the opening of the door.
3, the choice of magnetic card door lock should understand whether the door lock card manufacturers to develop their own card reader encryption algorithm, or the use of commercially available magnetic card reader head. Such as the use of universal card reader to write the card, others can use a common card reader to copy the card and can not achieve confidentiality. Branch Yu new IC card plus magnetic card door locks, guest card with a magnetic card, administrator and maintenance information with IC card, magnetic card reader reader module own encryption algorithm.
 4, the card is divided into IC card, TM card, magnetic card, proximity card, now use the most is the IC card (contact) and proximity card (non-contact) door locks, IC card door locks generally use Siemens cards Ridge, Fudan and other cards compatible). Induction card lock using the induction card is mostly used TEMIC card (a lot of induction IC card, can read and write data function capacity of 33), the hotel sensor door locks generally TEMIC card. Philips can be divided into a number of areas to read and write data function capacity of 1000 bytes, large capacity, the price of the card and TEMIC almost but the lock price is very expensive) a lot of consumption, attendance, open the door a common MF1 card. There are ID card (ID card is the factory set a string of code, can only read the information, can not write information into the card) ID card is generally used in the computer management system without household, apartment smart lock, ID card price Is about half of the TEMIC card. At present, there are many business card printing and membership card making, many smart lock factory selection of smaller card factory card, can not guarantee the chip purchase (electronic components a lot of parallel) and packaging, pattern printing process.
5, the door press the handle to open the door lock should be flexible and smooth, lock the body should not have a serious "Cha" "Cha" mechanical friction sound. Gently force should be able to put the handle down, hand back to normal. Mechanical transmission can not rely on oil lubrication, depends on the mechanical connection of the compact, such as all rely on oil lubrication once a long time after the use of oil drying, the door lock on the frequent failure.
6, to use the standard five-lock structure of the lock body, lock the body to drive the pin to drive. Ke Yu Lockout Hasp lock body in the original well-known brands on the basis of the lock body to improve the structure of the lock body in the domestic and foreign use rate is the highest, reasonable structure, low parts wear, high performance, easy installation, long life, The normal life of more than 15 years, has been praised by users, insurance tongue, anti-lock big tongue, etc. with anti-plug, tamper function. Side tongue (anti-tongue) application to strengthen the structure, effectively prevent the door after the opening of the tongue when the wind or man-made closed when the tongue tongue fracture, bending.