How To Choose A Safety Padlock

How To Choose A Safety Padlock

Aug 24, 2017

How to choose a Safety Padlock
Safety Padlocks as a security lock with security, has been adopted in more and more areas. So how to choose the right Safety Padlock? Today, let the security supplies to teach you!
 First, we must first choose the Safety Padlock product quality, the credibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the purchase. Safety Padlocks without quality credit guarantee, lock when the security lock is not tight, can not achieve the role of anti-theft manufacturers should be included in the scope of consideration.
Second, the contract before signing the contract, requiring manufacturers to do not provide the same third party to the identification and number of the Safety Padlock to ensure that products have exclusive right to use.
Third, try not to choose to use a number of manufacturers are producing the same size / color products, the same size / color products are easy to be copied, resulting in Safety Padlocks can not achieve anti-theft effect.
 Safety Padlocks are generally used to prevent sudden damage to personnel when they are close to the equipment due to repair or maintenance of equipment.
What is the use of a Safety Padlock?
Common occasions The following occasions, we must use the Safety Padlock:
1, to prevent the device suddenly start, you should use the Safety Padlock Safety Padlock
2, to prevent the sudden release of residual power, it is best to use the Safety Padlock lock:
3. Use a Safety Padlock when you must remove or pass through a protective device or other safety facility
4, when a part of the body may be caught by the machine should be locked when the scope of work:
5, the power maintenance personnel in the circuit maintenance, the use of safety equipment should be on the road lock
6, the machine maintenance personnel in the cleaning or lubrication with the operation of the machine, the machine should be used on the switch button Safety Padlock
7, maintenance personnel in the removal of mechanical failure, should be used to start the mechanical device Safety Padlock US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggested that all enterprises should be equipped with a staff of their Safety Padlock. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to track the chosen system in the workplace. A Safety Padlock is not a tool for extinguishing power, and can only be locked when the power source is isolated.
When a person is authorized to perform the same task, each employee must personally perform his own Safety Padlock procedure instead of placing his hopes on others. Never be authorized to remove your Safety Padlock. Only operate the equipment that has completed the Safety Padlock safety device.
When you carry the shift, you must not release the original Safety Padlock, must wait until the next successor in accordance with the requirements of the Safety Padlock in order to lift the original Safety Padlock. At the same time, the new successor must re-confirm the Safety Padlock is safe and reliable, confirmed before the operation. Never put your safety on someone else's Safety Padlock, always remember your own Safety Padlock to protect their own safety.
Use the correct Safety Padlock, for example, to lock the 3-inch pipe gate valve, and you are now a 5-inch to 6.5-inch gate valve Safety Padlock, please do not plan to use and do not match the Safety Padlock, should immediately To take the correct size of the Safety Padlock.
Make sure your Safety Padlock is resistant to its environment, such as moisture, corrosiveness, etc., otherwise it will lose the effect.
Safety Padlocks and listing need to be combined, and can not replace each other. Since January 2, 1990, no matter when the replacement of machinery and equipment, overhaul, renovation or innovation, and whenever the installation of new machinery and equipment, the equipment for the energy isolation device should be designed to use Locking device.