How To Choose The Safety Padlock For Your Car In Winter

How To Choose The Safety Padlock For Your Car In Winter

Sep 28, 2017

Remember not to seek cheap, no manufacturers, no product specifications, there is no brand name, especially some like cabbage casually stacked in the store door of the iron Safety Padlock, this Safety Padlock carmakers do not want to covet A moment of cheap to buy. Buy the Safety Padlock is to protect their driving safety, if you buy a poor safety Padlock caused by unsafe driving is worth the candle. It is recommended that you buy the Safety Padlock also optimistic about the brand, choose the source, there are manufacturers, there are specifications of the regular Safety Padlock products.
Select the Safety Padlock
A snowfall, if this time you go to the auto parts store, facing the dazzling variety of Safety Padlock must be confused, the clerk will sell you the most profitable Safety Padlock, do not tell you the kind of the most suitable for you, so in order to To avoid the carmakers into the misunderstanding, you can use the following points to be a small reference.
1 car class car, if you only occasionally or not always take the snow and ice sections, choose the quality of steel Safety Padlock on the body damage will be larger, the noise is also large, iron is the advantage of durable, anti-skid effect. While the rubber Safety Padlock more suitable than the home car, noise, installation is also convenient, anti-skid effect is also good.
2 heavy goods vehicles, trucks, then the general use of steel safety Padlock, contrast rubber or beef tendon non-slip effect is good, durable, after all, the weight of the truck and the use of a lot more than the home car. Of course, the price of the Large Pad's Safety Padlock is also more expensive than a small family car. Rubber Safety Padlock with Iron Safety Padlock, each has its own advantages, so for the riders recommended for small household cars, with a small noise, do not hurt the rubber rubber Safety Padlock. Trucks or often run snow and ice road riders, it is best to use durable, anti-skid effect of steel safety Padlock.
Buy the time of the Safety Padlock is best not to put the snow in the winter when the ice, because this is the highest year in the Safety Padlock price, you can put in October or November to buy the most appropriate, the major stores have Began to have goods, the price is still very appropriate.
Buy Safety Padlock to be at the right time, the right place, and fit your own Safety Padlock is the best. Remember, it is not expensive, nor is it durable, different riders different cars may need different types of Safety Padlock, so be sure to choose the most suitable for their own.
Safety Padlock must match the size of the tire. The size is too large not only do not play the anti-skid effect, the tire Safety Padlock may also be due to the rotation of the wheel from the tire caused by unnecessary damage; too small will have a great impact on the tire, but also on the Safety Padlock own test Small Safety Padlock Forced installation Due to the tension of its own tension is reduced, coupled with the pressure brought by the wheel can easily break the chain.
The Safety Padlock must be mounted on the drive wheels. The driving of the vehicle is achieved by the rotation of the drive wheel. The driving wheel on the slippery road surface is prone to slipping due to acceleration, and the driving force of the driving wheel can be increased to ensure a more safe running of the vehicle.
Prohibit single wheel installation Safety Padlock. Single-wheel installation Safety Padlock caused by the left and right wheel grip inconsistency, vehicle acceleration or deceleration will cause slippery, flick and so on. The best way is to install the two drive wheels or four wheels, so that no matter whether the acceleration or deceleration will bring a good anti-skid effect.
Before the trip optimistic about the road conditions, if the snow is rarely recommended you use the Safety Padlock. Safety Padlock is only suitable for excessive snow or frozen frozen road, dry or watery road can be directly to the Safety Padlock outstanding force feedback to the wheel, the tire and driving experience a great impact, but also because the rivets And the road surface contact area is small and counterproductive effect. In addition to the installation, removal Safety Padlock more trouble, it is best in the parking lot or roadside space to be replaced, before the need to set the necessary traffic warning signs.