How To Choose The Safety Padlock Security Padlock Conservation Methods

How To Choose The Safety Padlock Security Padlock Conservation Methods

Jun 26, 2017

How to choose the Safety Padlock security padlock conservation methods
What is the Safety Padlock, the Safety Padlock is used for the workshop and the room when the lock is used, is a kind of lock. So that we do not usually use the home from the security padlock, why? Because the security padlock is to ensure that the equipment power is certainly closed, the equipment insisted on the security situation, the lock can prevent the device does not padlock carefully start, causing damage or death The So how to buy a safe padlock? Safety Padlock conservation methods and what?
First, the purchase of safe padlock
The concept of safe padlock to enter the domestic market is still very short, the market is also a safe padlock of goods is uneven, good and bad, many of the acquisition of the company in the choice of security padlock when some of the inaccurate, so the user should choose a high degree, Brand or brand agents, because they have to meet the economic strength and stability of the network system to ensure that services and after-sales, to prevent the quality of goods caused by the dispute.
1, look at the appearance of the situation
The locks are usually made by electroplating, spraying or coloring. These processes are advantageous to the lock itself. As a result of this series of treatments, the protective film will form a protective film on the exterior of the lock, which will be resistant to corrosion. effect. Users through this point will be able to directly measure the quality of the lock.
2, weigh the weight than feel
Cut corners of the locks are usually selected hollow sub-material production, not only weigh up light, and the use of up feel is also relatively poor.
3, see safety regulations
At home and abroad on the hardware locks have strict norms, small manufacturers in order to save costs do not follow the standard performance, and large brands are usually abide by the norms.
Second, the maintenance of the security padlock
1, the lock can not be exposed to long-term rain, the rain contains nitric acid, nitrate, corrosion will lock.
2, usually often adhere to the lock of the cleaning, do not let foreign body into the lock cylinder, resulting in open difficult or even can not open.
3, the time to the lock cylinder into the oil, graphite powder or pencil powder, to help reduce the use of time for too long and left the oxide layer.
4, pay attention to the climate (spring wet, dry winter) caused by thermal expansion and contraction, in order to ensure that the lock body itself and the gap between the key reasonable to ensure the smooth use of locks.