How To Implement LOTO

How To Implement LOTO

Aug 20, 2020

How to implement LOTO?

In the case of small-scale energy isolation, each employee USES his or her own security padlock at each isolation point.

It is clear that this approach is difficult to achieve when large-scale energy isolation involves many employees and many control points.

At this point, we should use the collective locked listing process.

Collective locking steps:

1. The site leader shall first Lockout Tagout for all energy isolation points

2. The person in charge of the site shall put all the keys into the lock box for safekeeping

3. The person in charge of the scene locked his own personal security padlock on the lock box.

4. The leader of each team locks his own personal security padlock on the lock box in turn

There may be different types of teams:

The electrician team

Pipeline team

Mechanical shift

Carpenter's team

Maintenance of the mechanic

As long as the field supervisor's security padlock or any foreman's padlock remains locked above the lock box, the key inside cannot be removed to open the lock at the energy isolation point.