How To Lockout And Tagout?

How To Lockout And Tagout?

Mar 18, 2021

Accident cases:

The production department issued a single maintenance vehicle. At that time, the safety management department clearly stipulated that the power must be cut off and listed before maintenance. However, the two maintenance workers had weak safety awareness and forgot to carry safety warning signs during maintenance. One of the employees wrote a no-switch note and pasted it on the power switch of the equipment to be repaired. When the staff of this station wants to use the car, they close the brake easily. I did not think there were people inside. We must ask if they wrote a note forbade closing the brake. Ah, the summer workshop temperature is relatively high, the station operation staff cooling with a strong landing fan, the original maintenance electrician posted a warning note by the fan blown off, resulting in the employee closing the switch to cause an accident!

How to lockout and tagout?

1. All personnel shall comply with the requirements of the Lockout/ Tagout system. Management of personal locks/tags should be strengthened to ensure that employees are protected when performing tasks that may expose them to unexpected capabilities.

2. Locks/tags should be placed and removed by a person exposed to potential accidental release of energy, unless special measures have been established for specific circumstances.

3. If the equipment can be locked, all exposed personnel should use locks.

4. If the device is not lockable, tags or special Lockout /tagout procedures should be used.

5. Energy isolators shall be marked or identified for their function, unless the location and arrangement make their purpose obvious. This is necessary to reduce errors when applying the Lockout /tagout program