How To Solve The Problem Of Safety Warning Tag Of Rough Objects

How To Solve The Problem Of Safety Warning Tag Of Rough Objects

Jun 19, 2017

How to solve the problem of Safety Warning Tag of rough objects
In the application of sticker safety warning label labeling, according to the safety warning label surface roughness can be divided into: smooth surface, rough surface, with curvature surface, different surfaces need to choose different types of safety warning label material before they can So that the security warning label is better attached to the surface of the object,Safety Warning Tag and now Yi standard company and everyone to share rough Safety Warning Tag how to choose?
Surface rough variety of many varieties, such as frosted glass, matt plastic bottles. The surface of such an object is not composed of a smooth surface, but by the uniform, uneven uneven surface composition. Such objects on the surface of the safety warning label adhesive contact surface is small, poor bond strength, prone to safety warning signs Alice, off the phenomenon, so the safety warning label labeling must be selected when the special type or structure of the security warning Label material to fit the rough surface of the paste requirements.
For rough objects, the following adhesive materials are usually used as safety warning labels attached to rough surface objects:
① Safety Warning Tag adhesive coating a large amount of material. The amount of coating is generally around. Rely on a large amount of glue, increase the safety warning label with the rough surface bonding strength.
② the use of good liquidity, soft adhesive coated safety warning label material. The adhesive of this type of material can penetrate into the concave surface of the rough surface, thereby increasing the bonding area and increasing the adhesion of the safety warning label to the surface of the object.
③ Safety Warning Tag use high-strength adhesive coated safety warning label materials, such as hot melt adhesive, solvent-based adhesive. The initial viscosity and final viscosity of these materials are very strong, suitable for rough surface of the object paste.
 The first method we use the bar code printer, to choose to use parallel port instead of manufacturers to provide the serial port. Although the connection is simple to use the surface, but the shortcomings of its shortcomings is slow. For the general application is possible, but for higher speed requirements for the occasion, please choose another parallel port interface, which will provide bar code security warning label printing speed. The second method uses high-grade bar code printer. High-end printers allow the highest print speed to be much higher than the low-end. The third method sets the print speed to high speed mode by default to medium speed. But the higher the speed, the worse the printing effect. The fourth method uses a lower resolution printhead. Speed and effect can not have both. The fifth method of data source set to bind the data can greatly provide the printing speed, more effective way to improve the efficiency of bar code printers, to improve the bar code security warning label printing speed.