Importance Of Safety Training

Importance Of Safety Training

Feb 27, 2021

Importance of Safety Training

The function of developing safety education and training

Requirements of laws and regulations

Safety training is an important responsibility entrusted to governments at all levels and production and business units by laws and regulations such as the Work Safety Law of China.

The need for the survival and development of the company

In the market economy, in the global occupational safety and health standards of the background of consistency, the company must strengthen safety work, improve the credibility and competitiveness of the company.

The need for employee self-protection

Employees can prevent themselves and others from being harmed by the knowledge of relevant safe practices.

There are many forms of production safety education and training. The "three-level" safety education is a form of safety education, and it is also an education system for new employees that is clearly stipulated by law.

"Three-level" safety education refers to safety production education at the factory level, safety education at the workshop department level, and safety education at the class and group level.

Factory level safety education and training main content

Basic knowledge of safe production;

Rules and regulations for safe production of the entity;

Labor discipline

Risk factors existing in workplaces and work posts, preventive measures and emergency measures for accidents; About business cases, etc.

Main contents of workshop department level safety production training

Safety production status and rules and regulations of the department in the workshop;

Risk factors, preventive measures and emergency measures existing in the workplace and the post; Accident cases, etc.

The main content of education and training on production safety at class and group level

Post safety operation rules;

The performance of production equipment, safety devices, labor protection articles and utensils and the correct use method; Accident cases, etc.

Special work safety education

Electrician, metal welding and cutting, hoisting (including elevator), motor vehicle driving in the factory, boiler, container, blasting, dangerous goods operation.

Operators of special types of work must receive specialized safety technical training suitable for this type of work, pass the examination of safety technical theory and practical operation skills, and obtain the special operation certificate before starting to work.