Injury Accident Of Belt Conveyor In Cement Factory

Injury Accident Of Belt Conveyor In Cement Factory

Mar 30, 2020

Injury accident of belt conveyor in cement factory

Accident process:

In July 2005, the inspection work zhang in checking crusher discharging belt conveyor, it found that the tail wheel cylinder is stained with pulverized coal belt slightly wandering, so with my shovel pulverized coal in belt conveyor of the roller to clean, shovel, unfortunately I got involved in belt conveyor in cleaning process, because zhang failed to let go, you off by shovel with rushed to the front, while the head hit the front of the retaining wall.

Cause of accident:

1. Zhang did not work in accordance with the operating procedures, and weak safety awareness is the main reason.

2. Zhang did not wear labor protection products as required, and did not shut down when cleaning.

3. The predictability of security risks is not high.

Enlightenment and corrective measures:

We will strengthen skill training for all positions, standardize the use of safe labor protection equipment, and intensify supervision and supervision.