Installation Of Safety Protection Device

Installation Of Safety Protection Device

Dec 15, 2018

First, with the plane on which the operator stands as the benchmark, all moving parts with a height of less than 2m shall be protected. 

Second, with the operator standing on the plane as the benchmark, where the height of 2m or more, there are material transmission device, belt transmission device and under the construction machinery construction, should be set up protection. Thirdly, protection should be set at the operation position 2m above the datum level of the falling height. 

Fourth, in order to avoid extrusion damage, the distance between linear moving parts or between linear moving parts and stationary parts should meet the requirements of safe distance.

Fifth, if the moving parts have travel distance requirements, a reliable limit device should be set to prevent damage caused by over-travel movement.

Sixthly, load limiting devices shall be set up for those who may cause damage to components due to overload.

Seventh, the moving parts with inertial impact must adopt reliable buffering devices to prevent injury accidents caused by inertial impact.

Eighth, in the movement may loose parts must take effective measures to tighten, prevent from starting, braking, impact, vibration caused by loose.

Ninth, each machine should be equipped with emergency shutdown device, so that the existing or imminent danger can be avoided. The identification of the emergency shutdown device must be clear, easy to recognize, and quickly accessible to the device, so that the dangerous process immediately stops without additional risk.