Introduction About Safe Industrial Production

Introduction About Safe Industrial Production

Jul 06, 2018

I believe all of us are familiar with the word ”safety”, but what could be a safe industrial production?  Now let me tell you some knowledge about it.

First of all, safety consciousness is the concept that people build it up in mind and apply it in reality. It also could be a state of alert that people in various external environment which may do harm to yourself or others during the production activities.

In a word, safe production refers to personal safety, equipment safety, product safety and transportation safety in the industrial production. It follows the policy”safety first, prevention primary” and standard”don’t hurt others, don’t hurt yourself, don’t be hurt by others”.


Here are three violations in safe production:

1.    Violation of rules and regulations.

2.    Operation against rules.

3.    Command against rules.


Here are three main reasons for unsafe production:

1.    Do not know the correct operation.

2.    Omit the necessary steps when developing correct methods of operation.

3.    Operate conventionally.


Here are”four must” for safe production:

1.    Everyone attention must be paid to safety: pay attention not only to your own safety, but also to others’, as well as other safety hazards.

2.    Everything attention must be paid to safety: always pay attention to safety in everything you do, and don't neglect it because you are skillful.

3.    Everytime attention must be paid to safety: don't speed up while operation because you are in a hurry to get off work and then ignore the safety.

4.    Everywhere attention must be paid to safety: when you go to anywhere, you should pay attention to your safety.